Computer Service and Software


Computer Service 

A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician's responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining computer networks. 

What do computer service technicians do? 

Computer service technicians are either employed in large organizations or on-site at client locations or service repair firms. The individual repairs and maintains computers. Technicians also install, support, and repair computer hardware, in addition to addressing networking, software or Internet issues.

How can I repair my computer?

Method 1 Repairing a Computer that Freezes or Runs Slowly
  1. Give your computer a bit of rest. ...
  2. Determine if your computer is overheating. ...
  3. Run a diagnostic check. ...
  4. Open the cabinet of your computer and check the temperature of the metal chassis. ...
  5. Inspect your device drivers. ...
  6. Try a System Restore. ...
  7. Inspect your hard disk.

About MS office 

Microsoft Office, or simply Office, is a family of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft. It was first announced by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988, at COMDEX in Las Vegas.

Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications that is designed specifically to be used for office or business use. It is a proprietary product of Microsoft Corporation and was first released in 1990. ... It mainly consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher applications.

For More Information Visit Official Website -  | - The fame of Microsoft Office is growing day-by-day and it is attracting tons of users towards it. As we know, it is one of the best software present that one can use for both home or business purposes. In case you want to learn how to download, install, and activate it, then visit now. Here are proper instructions that will help to avail Microsoft Office services without making too much effort.

Guidelines to Uninstall Microsoft Office

Here are the instructions to uninstall MS Office from your PC:

  • Head straight to the Start Menu and click on the Search bar.
  • Fill Control Panel and tap to open the best match.
  • Click on the Programs.
  • Then select the Programs and Features option.
  • After that, look for the MS Office icon from the following list.
  • Right-click on it and press the Uninstall option.
  • Complete the prompts and uninstall it.

About Norton Antivirus 

Norton is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and authenticated antivirus suites to protect the device and the data without any effort. Users of Norton are happy with their services that they are experiencing an upgraded software as a shield to protect their device and data.

Symantec Corporation develops Norton, and the company is still struggling towards the up-gradation and reliability of its product. It can be used on various platforms to provide seamless services with advanced features.

The main task of these antivirus programs are:

  • It is used to detect viruses and Trojans quickly.
  • It has a customized scanning system that scans that picks up malicious websites and restricts them from your device.
  • It has advanced features to remove suspicious elements to provide satisfaction to its users.

Easy Steps for Downloading Norton Setup

The whole process of getting the downloaded file of Norton is very simple, and one has to follow this guideline to attain its benefits. Make sure to read all the steps very carefully without missing any of them:

  • First and foremost, hit the web browser to open on your device screen.
  • Now, type the keywords "" into the search panel of your browser, followed by the Enter key.
  • Next, hit the My Account section if you get into the home screen of Norton.
  • Then, tap the Sign In button there.
  • After that, press the Download button.
  • You will be prompted two different options for downloading: Either on this device or on another device.
  • You have to hit the Download on this device option and proceed.
  • The downloading procedure will initiate after a second or two, and it will take some minutes.
  • You should wait until the process completes.
  • Once it gets downloaded on your device, you will get the confirmation mail regarding the same.

Easy Steps for Downloading Norton on Another device

If you have selected to download on another device, then, follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, launch the web browsing application and visit the site
  • Then, reach the My Account section.
  • Now, hit the Login tab and provide all the necessary credentials.
  • Now, go to the download section and hit the tab "Download on another device."
  • After that, hit the Send download link option.
  • You have to type your mail ID on which you wish to get the downloaded file.
  • Then, hit the Submit tab there.
  • Now, go to the mail application on another device.
  • Next, search for the respective mail and then hit the Download link there.

After a while, your Norton setup will be downloaded successfully on your system.

Easy Steps for Installing Norton Software

If you have downloaded Norton via Norton Setup, then it's time to get it installed. You should be very aware that you have to follow all the guidelines with great care.

  • First and foremost, hit the window button and the R tab simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Then, now search for the file "Norton" via the search pane.
  • You will be prompted to Downloads the folder there.
  • Search for your respective file there.
  • Now double click on the file and your Download will start in a while.
  • After some time, your download setup will be successfully installed.